Digital radio is great, but the trouble is, the majority of radios are large and better suited to your bedroom or kitchen rather than at a picnic or on the move.

In steps the adeptly named Move from Pure Digital, a small DAB radio that looks more like a traditional transistor radio rather than your state of the art DAB one.

The palm-sized device comes with a metal front and rubberised back and measure a diminutive 15 x 8.5 x 2.7cm in size. The casing is tough enough that it looks like it can take a beating out and about, and the built in battery offers over 40 hours (that's a whole working week) of radio on one charge. Pure has even included a charger in the box.

In an attempt to make it uber-portable, Pure has made it so you can plug in a set of headphones, which in turn then become the aerial. Doing this of course means you don't have to put up the included aerial and makes it ideal for footie matches or other such sporting events, however unless you are in a strong DAB area your ability to pick up all the radio stations will be diminished.

Worse still and this is the case with all digital radios, if the signal is poor, rather than just going a bit crackly you get full blown screeches and cut outs.

Of course if this does happen the radio sports the traditional FM radio so you aren't left with a brick in your pocket.


At £90 this is an expensive option to listen to radio on the move that you could achieve we one of the radios you get in the pound shop.

However if you are willing to pay the price, what you get is a competent next generation radio that will stand you in good stead on the move.

As with previous Pure Digital radios, the Move is exceptionally well made and gives off a good sound.

We're knocking off a point though for that price point.