With the power of digital radio slowly taking shape, Pure has released the follow up to the popular Evoke-1 Digital Radio. The Evoke 2 adds an additional speaker as well as an FM radio. The result is something that will make you fall in love with radio all over again.

Cased in a stylish wooden and metal box, the Evoke 2 is a John Lewis shopper’s dream. This radio would sit comfortably in any kitchen or picnic hamper in the Home Counties with the minimal of fuss. With this styling also comes the reassurance of a solid build, the wood gives it a nice feel both to touch and look at and the buttons feel solid and well built.

Powered either by the six C-Cell batteries for when you are out and about or a DC adaptor, the two largish speakers on the front product a well-balanced sound that is neither too bassy or too tinny - although a dial does offer fine tuning of both.

Selecting channels couldn't be easier - simply turn a jog wheel to select the next channel and because of the way digital radio works, the next channel is always there. No finer tuning or searching for a channel that doesn't exist. For those favourite presets, there are six to save into and these are created in the same way as you do when using a car stereo.

With currently over 65% coverage (85% due in May) the chances are you may not always be in a good area to receive digital radio. No worries, simply flick the switch to FM. While you won't have access to the crystal-clear, crackle-free stations you won't suddenly have an expensive doorstop.

On the back you are given a headphone, digital output and stereo line out socket. The inclusion of the last two is great for either connecting a MiniDisc recorder or to your hi-fi. The headphones socket while a nice inclusion is awkward being on the rear and ideally this should have been on the front for easy access and less hassle.


Overall this radio is a dream to both use and listen to. Controls are simple and the sound is excellent. One of the biggest complaints of the digital radio format is a lack of support for local stations. The Pure Evoke 2, answers this with the inclusion of the FM radio. If you're a fan of the spoken word and live in an area with coverage this is money well spent.