(Pocket-lint) - Pure has revealed a new collaboration with London design studio Mini Moderns that has resulted in one of its most striking collection of DAB radios yet.

The special edition Pop Maxi and Pop Midi radios have been co-designed by Mini Moderns, using the design duo's Whitby pattern and as such look like they will fit comfortably in any room - be that kitchen, bathroom or living space.

Pocket-lint was invited to see the new radios for the first time in London and we can comfortably say that the classic English seaside theme works well. It is also androgynous in that it is neither too masculine or feminine and we can see the design suiting traditional tastes of buyers, regardless of their gender.

Underneath the design the Pop Maxi and Midi radios are the same as their currently available counterparts.

The Pop Maxi comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can also connect your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device and play music through the stereo speakers wirelessly.

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Alternatively, it has both digital and FM radio tuners and the speakers consist of two full-range 3-inch drive units, capable of 4.3W audio output apiece.


It has 10 presents, two alarms, a kitchen timer and an auxiliary input to connect an audio source by wire. A Pure ChargePAK can be added instead of batteries so you can recharge it.

The Pop Midi also has Bluetooth connectivity, FM and DAB radio tuners and many of the same features as its larger, wider stablemate, but comes with a single speaker - also with a 3-inch drive unit and 4.3W of output.

Prices are £89.99 for the Pure Pop Midi and £109.99 for the Pop Maxi. They will be available soon through pure.com, minimoderns.com, John Lewis stores and a selection of independent retailers.

Writing by Rik Henderson.