(Pocket-lint) - Pure is famous for its digital radios. A brand that emerged as Britain started to shift its radio services over to the new DAB service saw a small company leap ahead with its iconic Evoke, one of the cheaper radios, but also one of the most iconic - go on, name another early DAB radio. Now the firm is introducing a small, portable radio that it hopes will appeal to those who want their DAB radios portable.


The Evoke D2 is small, and there's an emphasis on simplicity. There is no network media playback or internet radio here, just a simple DAB and FM radio, with the ability to accept music from another source via an auxiliary input.

For those who want portability, there's even an optional battery pack that allows you to listen in the garden, or in other places mains power doesn't reach, for as long as 30 hours on a single charge. Gone, it seems, are the days when DAB radios were power-hungry battery drinkers.


The style is much the same as other Pure radios. The case is made of wood, and as with those models the finish is a Walnut veneer. There are apparently plans to launch different finishes in the future.

There's an alarm, kitchen timer - for your boiled eggs - and 10 radio presets. Pure is very proud of the amplification in its new radios, which it claims deliver the best possible sound, along with conserving your battery power. If the radio lives up to the firm's claims, it will likely impress its owners a great deal, as its forebears have.


We didn't get to hear much of the radio in our hands-on time with it. It was able to connect easily to DAB radio stations, even though we were in a basement. Everything felt great too, as is usual with Pure radios. The buttons all have a nice positive feel, and nothing feels like it's about to fall off. 

The D2 costs £85, with the battery available separately for £28, and is available in Currys now with other retailers selling it soon. We're hoping to have one to review in the near future.

Writing by Ian Morris.