Pure has expanded its Jongo range of wireless hi-fi kit with the A140B wireless hi-fi adapter. Designed to let you use the Jongo multiroom system with your own speakers and amplifier, the A140B is a simple piece of kit that makes Jongo much more exciting.

Looking like a brigthly coloured guitar pick, it's around the size of an Apple TV and just as inconspicuous. On the back of the box is a digital coaxial out, optical out, left and right line in and a USB slot. On the top, a band of colour in yellow, green or orange.

The box comes in matte pure black or white, the latter looking particularly swish. It really is an extension to your Hi-Fi rather than a complex piece of kit in itself. The thing that makes the A140B persuasive is how it works with your Wi-Fi network.

Hooking this up to your Hi-Fi, its possible to stream music to different rooms and pieces of audio kit, Sonos style. You will need the Pure Connect app downloaded and then that's it - simply connect it up to the A140B.

This is more like an adapter for non-net-enabled amplifiers than anything else and at £99 its could be a handy update to your current set-up. The 24-bit DAC isn't bad either, nor is the ability to switch it off.

A great little product from Pure and it's nice to see the Jongo system really starting to grow.