We at Pocket-lint are big fans of Pure and its ever-growing range of DAB and internet radios. But the Pure Sensia, so long the flagship of the range, left a slightly sour taste in our mouth.

It wasn't that we didn't like the Sensia. We loved it in fact. Well, we loved everything apart from the two key aspects that defined it as a device; its touchscreen and access to The Lounge portal. To say these were bad would be under doing it.

Luckily, Pure has got its act together on The Lounge front, with the latest version much more user friendly than before (and soon to include the excellent Pure Music) and, after a quick go on the just launched Pure Sensia 200D Connect at CES, we're convinced our touchscreen woes are now behind us.


As well as the improved interface and controls, the 200D also brings USB recording to the party - making it easy to swipe your favourite tunes or podcasts direct from the airwaves - and the speakers have had a tweak too, now delivering 30W RMS of digital sound via its DSP tuned high efficiency class-D amplifiers. 

We laid eyes on the white and black versions, both packing the re-designed Pure logo, and we're told that there may even be extra colour schemes coming soon. Sound quality seemed good but it was hard to tell amongst the barrage of booth noises emitting around the Las Vegas Convention Centre's North Hall.

The Pure Sensia 200D Connect will be available in the UK during the first quarter of 2012 for £249.99.