The highly regarded Pure Evoke Mio radio has just hit town once again, this time with your kitchen in mind. The DAB specialist has introduced five colour choices pretty much guaranteed to suit every home between them.

Each is finished in a leatherette material and all are actually very pretty indeed. To give them their proper names the colours are teal, lava, grape, cherry and noir, but to you and us that's blue, orange, purple, red and black. Naturally, black is black but the best way to think about the others would be as if Le Creuset or Clarice Cliff had chosen the palate. Rather tasteful in this day and age.

Despite the terrible name, the leatherette feels like a quality finish and comes with the satisfaction that your radio hasn't been wrapped in a dead animal.

Along with both DAB and FM tuners, the radios include an input for an iPod or MP3 player and can be used with Pure's optional ChargePAK (£34.99) which offers a claimed 24 hours of portable listening per charge. Each of these creatures also features 30 presets, an alarm and kitchen timer as well as the brand's Intellitext and textScan functions for pausing and scrolling through text and storing information to view at a later date.

As part of Pure's EcoPlus range, these DABs have received a recommendation from the Energy Saving Trust thanks to reduced power consumption along with use of recycled packaging materials and components that have been selected to minimise environmental impact.

The Pure Evoke Mio colour collection will be out from March 2011 for £129.99.

If you're wondering where the Pure Evoke Mio Orale Kiely is, then look no further. Do check out our lovely photos.