There are an absolute ton of internet radio apps in the App Store, so it can be difficult to decide which one to get.

And, with the wealth of iPhone / iPod docking stations out there, as well as the amount of music systems that now incorporate your iDevice into its setup, it makes making the right decision all the more important.

So why not go with an app brand that specialises in radio, and one that can link to all of your Pure radios?

Pure Lounge




Anyone with a Pure radio in their house will know of the UK radio manufacturer's internet portal - The Lounge.

Basically The Lounge is a one-stop shop that gives you access to the wealth of internet radio content that's out there in the webiverse.

So that's not only over 16,000 radio stations from around the globe, it also means thousands of on-demand podcasts and replayed programmes.

app of the day pure lounge iphone  image 2

The Lounge app taps into your existing account as well (should you have one) so there's no need to set up your favourite stations, or search for your podcasts, again as the app will let you access your menus from all of your web-connected Pure radios.

Should you need to search for a new station then you can easily filter with station name, language, country, genre and sound quality.

It supports background listening too, so you can mess around with your other apps whilst still listening to the radio.

app of the day pure lounge iphone  image 3

There's no Flow Songs support at the moment, which would be a welcome addition, but if you're looking for a premium internet radio app that ticks all of the normal boxes, and comes with the reassurance that you get from a brand you know of, then go for the Pure Lounge app.

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