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(Pocket-lint) - Having tried several portable Bluetooth speakers in the past, specifically to give us tunes on the move when at festivals, we can see exactly why there is a market for them. The only issue, especially for those who are travelling light and by foot, is weight. While light, many of the speakers we've tested in the past are still clunky and weigh enough to make a difference over time.

Up steps the Monster Superstar HotShot, the latest portable speaker in the audio firm's line-up. It's tiny, yet has a massive voice, but the biggest thing we noticed during the CES trade show in Las Vegas is that it is super light.


Indeed, it's so light that you could just clip one to a bag or bike and would barely notice that it's there, bar the banging tunes it emits.

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In terms of audio quality, it was hard to make a full judgement considering we were listening to someone else's music on a show booth surrounded by a huge amount of ambient noise, but it certainly doesn't have an issue with volume, even considering its size.

Pocket-lintmonster superstar hotshot image 3

What's more, it has an external speakerphone feature built in. And seeing as it's light enough to sling on a lanyard around your neck, you might find yourself using it that way at times.

We look forward to reviewing the Superstar HotShot nearer its release date in March. It'll cost £39.95 at that time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.