(Pocket-lint) - Monster has been busy since its very public split from Beats, securing a future for its own-brand and licensed audio products. It has paired with other big names, such as Adidas with a new Originals range of headphones, but is equally happy, it seems, to stick its own name on a speaker and let it fly.

The Monster Superstar is essentially the brand's answer to the Beats Pill and a number of other smaller, but powerfully specified Bluetooth speakers on the market.

It's not cheap, at around £95, but promises to deliver a beefy sound for its diminutive footprint. We have to admit that, at the Currys and PC World Christmas in July event where we saw one for the first time, we didn't get long to test its audio abilities so will comment further when we've had one in for a real test, but we can safely way that it will suit a smaller room.


There are two full-range drivers and two bass units in the compact casing after all.

In build quality, it exhibits the same quality of production that is conventional with Monster. Indeed, with a myriad of colour options available on the market, we wouldn't have been suprised to have seen the Beats logo on the front. It's aimed at the same market, clearly, and that's no bad thing.

Monster claims that battery life will last up to 10 hours on one charge (depending on the volume listened at) so it would be a good portable option too.

There's also a microphone built in so it would be good for conference calls too.

The Monster Superstar is available now in Neon Blue, Neon Green/Black and Neon Grey/Black.

Writing by Rik Henderson.