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(Pocket-lint) - The Logitech Z520 speakers are desktop stereo speakers designed to be paired with a computer or hooked up to an MP3 player. There is no subwoofer, remote or battery option - just two compact speakers and the wires to hook them up with.

With no clever functions, shiny widgets or frills of any kind it seems odd that a speaker set up like this would cost very much at all, let alone weighing in at close to a hundred pounds. At least it seems odd until you hear them.

Although the Z520s lack a separate subwoofer, the bass reproduction is still very good. Although this doesn't have the punch of an individual subwoofer, it still sounds great, providing enough rumble to bring some weight to music and sounds in games without being overpowering. At low levels the Z520s provide crisp, distinct sound, and this quality carries on up to higher levels.

Despite being relatively small, the Z520s easily have enough power to provide music at a decent volume for a good sized room. A common mistake with cheap speakers is to provide a subwoofer that over powers the sound and destroying the balance. This certainly isn't the case here.

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In terms of design the Z520s certainly look the part, being sleek and understated. The volume control is a simple dial on the front, which doubles as the off switch. There is no means to control the level of bass on the speakers independently of the main volume control, but this is not much of a problem given that the proportions are pretty much spot on by default.

The lack of a remote control is a bit of a shame, not that one is particularly necessary for a set of desktop speakers, but for the price it seems reasonable to expect a few trimmings. That said the speakers do include a headphone and auxiliary connection so they have everything they need to serve in a purely desktop speaker capacity.

Although the Z520s are certainly small enough to be quite portable they are very heavy for their size and this is worth considering if you are thinking of getting speakers to accompany a laptop or MP3 player when travelling.


The sound quality of the Z520s is great, but the price tag is less so. While the lack of a subwoofer means that the speakers have fewer wires, this quite a premium for this luxury. Ultimately, the problem is that if you are really wanting great quality sound, you'll not be put off by the extra wires of a 2.1 system.

At the £100 price point, there are a lot of options open to you, many of which will have extra features or even superior sound quality. If you do happen to be that rare somebody who really needs good sound quality but cannot have a subwoofer then your prayers may just have been answered.

Writing by Andrew Spode Miller. Originally published on 30 September 2009.