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(Pocket-lint) - We all like to listen to music at our desks, but cluttering it up with speakers can be tiresome. So is the Logitech AudioHub speaker system the answer? We plug in our laptop and get listening to find out.

Taking the same approach as a single soundbar for the TV as seen by Denon, Yamaha and others, the AudioHub from Logitech is a single unit that sits behind your 15-inch laptop computer.

The extendable left and right speakers mean that they pop-out either side of your screen (they are obscured if you are using a 17-inch laptop however) and gives you sound without looking cluttered.

Rather than connect via your line-in jack as most speakers, the AudioHub goes via the USB route, and this allows it to also offer three additional independently powered USB sockets hence the "Hub" reference in the title.

Connection is simple and straightforward with no software required although the USB cable is shorter than we would have liked, meaning you may experience problems connecting the device to your laptop. To solve this there is an additional USB cable in the box, but why Logitech didn't just make the cable slightly longer is beyond us.

Also in the box is a stand for your webcam if your laptop doesn't feature one, although this rather flimsy affair made us anxious about the precariousness of it all.

Volume is controlled via a dial on the side for the 15W RMS speakers, coming from two 2in drivers and one 3in woofer. It's likely to be loud enough for most, however those looking to blast out the office will be disappointed.

Overall sound performance is good, with balanced treble and bass for what the system professes to offer. This isn't after all a home stereo replacement.


While performance doesn't match the recently reviewed Creative T10 or T20 models, you do get a neat and tidy offering with the added benefit of a powered USB hub thrown in for good measure.

The only grumble we can see with this device is that if your laptop has connections out of the back rather than the sides it may not sit flush with your laptop therefore partly defeating the object.

If you're after a compact speaker unit with the hub built-in, the Logitech AudioHub will do nicely.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 22 May 2008.