With the iPod still dominating the MP3 player market, it is no surprise that manufacturers across the globe are keen to jump on the bandwagon and release speakers designed to get the most out of the now iconic player.

In steps Logitech with its take - the Logitech AudioStation, a speaker, come iPod docking station, come clock.

The large shiny black box is anything but a stationary desk feature and those hoping to pack this in their suitcase for holidays should be advised against it at all costs. Think Bose Sound dock rather than Altec Lansings portable options and you start to get the idea.

That size does have its benefits however, mainly that the sound is pretty impressive. Bass is good and there is a button that promises to give you a more rounded sound - which it does.

For the audiophiles that means two satellites feature two drivers, plus 1-inch, high-definition, soft-dome tweeters to handle high frequencies, and 4-inch, high-power, long-throw woofers.

Get past the sound and there is a digital FM radio, but not DAB, and a clock so you can use the system to see the time. Logitech has fallen short of including a timer or alarm on the unit. So the clock, disappointingly, is just a clock.

Controlling the speakers is done in two ways, option 1, and the more sensible of the two is via the rather boring remote, while option 2, is via the touch sensitive panel inbetween the two speakers.

Following the likes of Samsung, LG and even Creative, Logitech is the latest company to ditch the buttons. In practice the AudioStation's controls are a pig to use, unresponsive and in our testing nine times out of 10 we reverted back to the remote. It might look pretty, but it's ghastly to use.


For the sound qualities, Logitech is right on the money with the AudioStation, however it’s the controls that left us disappointed.

For this kind of money, we would expect a system to work flawlessly. Alas is doesn't. If you are looking for a top of the range system for the extra £50 the Bose Sound Dock is hard to beat.