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(Pocket-lint) - It may come in a swish case, it may even sound very good, but the Logitech PlayGear Amp is a bulky beast that seems to have been fudged to fit Sony’s PlayStation Portable rather than actually be designed for it.

Likewise if you are suffering a case of deja vu then that’s because the PlayGear Amp was originally launched as a white version to flog to iPod users.

Grumbles aside the speaker system is actually quite good with plenty of bass via the quad micro drivers to add depth to your movies or gameplay, but the praise stops there.

The PlayStation Portable perches on a stand and this blocks the use of on/off button, the ability to load UMDs and makes the volume, select and start buttons on the unit hard to press.

Snaking its way from the back of the unit is a cable (there are two in the box - short and long) that connects from the headphone socket to the speaker socket.

Strangely the volume controls and on/off switch for the speakers are tucked out of the way behind the PSP and when it is in the stand they are difficult to find. Furthermore the power switch has a bright blue light beaming out when on which is very off-putting if you are watching the PSP in low light conditions.

We especially don’t like the fact that the case won’t even take the PSP itself. Power is provided by either the included AC adapter or four AAA batteries.


There is no doubting that the Logitech PlayGear Amp speaker set sounds very good. It coped with all the games and movies we tested it on improving the sound quality no end.

Because it wasn't originally designed for the PSP it means you can also use it for other devices like an MP3 player.

The trouble is though when it comes to using it with the PSP, to achieve that superior sound quality you have to put up with so many setbacks that we just don't think its worth the effort.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 28 September 2005.