Sound in any environment is important, yet time and time again you see that most home speaker systems are the ones that the computer shipped with. Most of the time upgrading your speakers is an afterthought, but like anything upgrading can bring a whole new multimedia experience to your humble PC. Whether it’s music or playing games, sound does make a difference. Logitech hopes that its latest 2.1 speaker set - the Z3 (the three because it includes a subwoofer) will increase your experience ten-fold and after four years in the speaker business it’s one of the best sets it has produced so far.

The two speakers and subwoofer have brushed aluminium faces and a wood grain styling to them and certainly give off that intital wow factor out of the box. The overall build feels solid, the metal cold to touch. The system is controlled via a wired switch and where most manufacturers cut corners on this part, it is nice to see that Logitech haven’t taken that route here. Nicer still is the inclusion of a power switch with accompanying glowing LED rather than having to turn the volume right down every time.

On the back of the subwoofer box is bass dial to allow you to set your own level of bass independently and at full blast turned up, its effective enough to feel (and damage your hearing if you’re not careful).

In our tests the speaker system performed very well with all that we could throw at it. Whether it was classical, dance or the latest First Person Shooter with little if no interference or distortion even at full volume.


Within the 2.1 speaker range, these speakers are very good. They not only look stylish, but also produce the sound to match. However this system is a closed unit - the speakers are all pre-wired to the subwoofer - and to some that will disappoint. For the non-PC users wanting to get a piece of the action Logitech has included a stereo to stereo phono connector in the box. The Z3 set is Bassy and Stylish and can’t be ignored if you’re in the market for new speakers.