The new 5-piece Z560 THX certified speaker system from Logitech produces over 400 watts of power via four satellites and large sub-woofer. Not surprisingly the system gives you a very clear sound that copes superbly with bass and treble alike.

Trying hard to get a wow factor from the moment you open the box the speakers are well designed with a slick back finish, aluminium stands that can also be fixed to the wall and home stereo style connectors for easy connection and cabling extension.

Remove the front grills and it reveals a polished aluminium phase plus mechanism, typically found in high-quality home cinema systems.

The system is all controlled via a desktop control unit that houses the main volume, bass and fader options as well as a switch that allows you to convincingly take a 2-channel stereo source and give the impression it's actually surround sound via Logitech's M3D Matrix technology.

An inclusion of a remote control would have been a nice touch and a control deck that was built into the front speaker as seen in the Z540 and Z340 might appeal to those who are already struggling for space on a over crowded desk.


However, priced at only £200, you can forgive Logitech for the foibles and simply sit back and listen to the crystal clear sound that they produce.