With so many iPod docks on the market, can the LG PC12DAB be the one you want? We get listening to find out.

The design is one where you'll either "love it" or "hate it". Egg shaped, the speaker grill takes up the entire front of the system with the gubbins tucked in a curved ellipse behind. It's black, shiny, and for some reason, glows red.

Controls are to be found on a silver strip that runs along the top of the player separated by a slot loading CD drive while the display is nestled in between the speakers on the front.

The PC12 is capable of playing FM radio, DAB radio, and CDs, an external source via an AUX socket, music from an iPod via the docking slot and MP3 tracks on a USB via a USB socket on the side.

DAB will auto tune and as long as you've got a strong signal (there is a large and long aerial in the box), while the iPod docking station found at the top of the unit isn't ideal for the iPhone or iPod touch as the dock is recessed into the unit. Although the system’s controls will allow you to control your MP3 player, you won't be able to see the screen and therefore not be able to slide the screen lock slider to see album art or menus. It's a clunky design flaw that could have been easily avoided.

Sound is provided by two 5W speakers pointing forwards, and while you have a four-mode audio equaliser that offers sound effects such as Pop, Flat, Classic and Jazz don't expect this to fill the room with glorious sound, or anything amazing for that matter.

It's not that the sound the LG PC12DAB produces is overly bad, we just expected a lot more, certainly at the £200 price point.


As we said, the design is either going to be something you love or hate, personally we aren't a big fan.

The tacky red lights that serve no real purpose give it a cheap look and the iPod docking station, which will charge your iPod at the same time, isn't great if you are a touch or iPhone user.

In fact the only thing the PC12DAB has going for it is the slot loading CD player and the ability to play MP3 tracks from a USB. But then that's a lot of money to spend just for those two features.