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(Pocket-lint) - Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days, and there are even some that float.

But when you normally talk about floating speakers, you are usually referring to waterproof devices, that you can use in a swimming pool.

The LG PJ9 is a different kind of floating Bluetooth speaker as it floats in the air. That's right, it levitates, hovering a few inches above a separate base unit, rotating as it does.

Why? We're not entirely sure. It is mostly a gimmick, but will certainly be the talk at any party.

The top part of the kit is a small, 360-degree speaker, while the "Levitation Station" underneath contains electromagnets to keep it aloft. The base unit also houses a subwoofer, for deeper, more growling bass response.

Pocket-lintlg pj9 levitating speaker preview image 2

One clever feature is that when the floating speaker requires more battery charge, it slowly descends and the station underneath recharges it through kinetic power transfer. Then it rises again, when enough power has been absorbed.

We didn't hear the levitating version in action much, considering the only working unit on show at CES 2017 was behind glass. We did hear a non-levitating version though and it was suitably clear and meaty.

The speaker is also weatherproof, so you can even take it outside to wow your neighbours during a barbecue, for example.

There is no word on price or release date at the moment, but we're sure they will both appear on the horizon soon.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.