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(Pocket-lint) - As you travelled around the massive LG stand at CES 2016 there was one area you wouldn't want to have a meeting on. The company had effectively turned it into a club by demonstrating the latest entries in the loud, DJ-centric Loudr series of audio products (formerly called X-Boom).

The one that caught our eye the most was the LG Loudr CM9960. It's a powerhouse of a system that comprises a DJ mixing desk and two of the largest, retro-styled speakers we've seen in years. Indeed, the last time we saw a mighty pair like that was as part of a Sony CD system we owned that basically said, "it's okay, we never wanted girlfriends anyway."

What's different about the Loudr products to the systems we enjoyed in the 90s though is that they can be connected to wirelessly, from a smartphone. And the Loudr Sampler Creator feature can even further a budding DJ's set through adding samples recorded on a phone to the digital soundboard to be used during mixes.

Pocket-lintfeel like a teenager again with the dj centric lg loudr cm9960 image 3

The CM9960 comes with a mixing desk and two ma-hoosive Loudr speakers, while two other new additions to the range - the OM7560 and OM5560 - are solo speakers that can liven any party on their own. They each contain entire audio systems housed in each speaker.

What's more, all three of the new products feature LG's Party Thruster lever that adds multi-coloured lighting effects to the show that sync with the audio output. Rave on.

Prices and availability are yet to be revealed.

Writing by Rik Henderson.