(Pocket-lint) - LG has shown off a new Bluetooth speaker called the P7 at its InnoFest 2015 conference in Portugal, adding to its Music Flow range of speakers.

A very similar Music Flow portable Wi-Fi speaker was announced just before CES 2015, known as the H4, but the P7 is new to the party. It is a small but weighty rectangular device in a gunmetal colour that offers the same look and feel of the Music Flow system, especially the H4, but delivers it in a smaller and more portable form.

The P7 speaker will come with the option of a slightly textured rubber surround to be available in a range of colours, including green, orange, red and yellow and while it looked great on its own, we loved it even more with the colours, which can be slipped on or off easily.


On the top of the P7 you will find a metal circular control pad that allows you to skip a track, establish a Bluetooth connection, adjust the volume or switch the speaker itself on or off. Other controls are found on the smartphone app. To one side of the P7 is where you will find the Micro-USB charging port and an auxiliary port, while the reset button is on the underside of the device.

It's simple, fuss-free and a great looking speaker. The colours are lovely and bright, while the speaker itself offers a very solid and premium look, which we liked a lot. We didn't get a chance to test the sound as we would have liked, mainly thanks to the busy location, but the volume it delivered seemed good and the clarity of sound it produced was impressive during our brief time with it. We will need to wait until we get it in for full review to pass full judgment but we have high hopes.


The P7 can work independently or connect to another P7, as well as your smartphone thanks to the Dual Play function and you can also hook it up to an LG TV for better sound using the TV Sound Sync feature. LG's Auto Music Play function is also on board which will mean music on your smartphone will automatically begin playing when the phone is within a foot of the P7 speaker and the Multi Point function enables it to connect with up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time.

LG also announced three new soundbar models during InnoFest 2015, including the LAS550, LAS450 and LAS350. All three will come with Multi Point and TV Sound Sync functions and they will automatically balance audio for all ranges of frequencies. No pricing information or release dates have been announced as yet.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.