(Pocket-lint) - The Jabra Solemate, that's the name of a new Bluetooth speaker from Jabra which, as the name suggests, has taken its design cue from a pair of shoes rather than being a standard box.

This device has an integrated subwoofer and dual tweeters to keep you banging even in the most mobile-minded of places and given that you can opt for wireless or wired connectivity you are unlikely to have any trouble finding something to connect it to. 

Available in September for around £150, the new speaker is the size and weight of a small drinks bottle, has a handy carry strap and rubber sole base that stores the 3.5 mm audio cable so it’s always available.


There is also a mini USB socket for charging and Jabra says the Solemate is sweat, dust, splash and shock resistant - although sadly we don't have any specific details of just how sweaty you can get it before it stops working. We wouldn't recommend putting it under your armpit and then going on a long run, for example.


In the flesh, and it was hard to hear just how well the Solemate will perform - we were in a busy conference hall with lots going on - but it all sounds promising.

The Jabra Solemate (£149.99) comes in black or white. We think we prefer the white model, how about you?

Writing by Stuart Miles.