After the initial wave of Ferrari by Logic3 headphones, which included the passive T250 and P200 pairs, the brand has unleashed its second assault on the premium-cans market in the shape of its T350 headset.

The Ferrari by Logic3 T350 headphones - part of the road car-inspired Cavallino Collection - are the first from the firm that feature noise-cancelling technology, in that they are powered and will reduce interference by external ambient noise. Effectively, this means they encase you in your own little world, and we have to say that's fine by us.

The set's ANC (active noise cancelling) tech requires two AAA batteries inserted into the left earpiece. The right one has a small switch that turns the feature on and off. It's worth pointing out that, unlike with some rival headphones with noise cancellation, the T350s cannot be used in passive mode. Unless the technology is on, no audio travels into the ears.

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Thankfully, also unlike other headsets, there doesn't seem to be too much of a pressure build-up when in use - some can make your ears hurt or pop as if you were taking off or landing on a aircraft - so the fact that they work only when ANC is enabled is no problem at all.

Aesthetically, Logic3 has poured every bit as much love into the T350 pair as it did the T250s released in the summer. There's the familiar super-soft lamb's leather on the headband and around the trim of the ear cups - the same as found in the interior of Ferrari road cars - and the ear pads are of an identical "enhanced breathable material" that are extremely comfortable to wear.


The exposed metal in the design is the same too, with a brushed finish. And the whole build is substantial and classy. If there was one small sticking point it's that, thanks to the noise-cancelling technology, the T350s are substantially larger than the T250s. They're not as subtle. It doesn't matter if you're the sort of Ferrari fan that likes to boast about your love for the brand (and quality audio), but we'd recommend the T250 'phones if not, especially if you wear them in public and aren't bothered about the ambient noise around you.

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It's a minor caveat, however. And the size actually benefits the comfort and feeling of inclusion when immersed into an audio experience. The pads nigh-on encompass your ears, so you can get lost in a world of Chopin, AC/DC or dubstep, if that is your want. Thankfully, as a neutrally calibrated pair of headphones, the T350s suit all forms of music. Of course, you may want more bass with your Benga, and for that you might want to check out the F1-inspired P200s. But we're happy with cans that work as capably with Game of Thrones on an iPad as they do with Little Mix, er, The Smiths. Yeah, that's it... we meant The Smiths.


The drivers in each ear are 40mm, as with the T250s, so can ramp it up when they like. And you get all manner of accessories in the sumptuous carry case, including leads for iPhone, other smartphones, normal 3mm shenanigans and an adapter to plug them into a hi-fi. You also get the batteries with it, which is nice.

Priced at £299, the Ferrari by Logic3 T350 headphones are available in both black and tan. You can get them from a number of stores. For a list, check out the dedicated webpage at