Last year Bluetooth was all about making sure you could connect a headset to your mobile phone, this year it seems that it's fast becoming all about sharing music via Bluetooth Speakers.

Not wanting to be out done by its competitors, Orange has done an unusual thing and teamed up with speaker makers Acoustic Energy and iTech to produce its own branded set of Bluetooth Stereo speakers.

The speakers wireless connect to your A2DP Bluetooth enabled music phones and produce a good all round sound for the £90 quid outlay.

Out of the box and the two speakers come as one unit with a large control knob in the middle, however a quick unclip and one becomes two with the option of spreading the speakers out to create a better sound.

It's here that the excitement of a wire free experience disappears as the speakers, unlike the Parrot offering (admittedly almost three times the price), on the Orange set are connected by wires (argghhhhh).

Still, if you don't separate the speakers you'll never know or have to bare the embarrassment that you could have just bought a wire to connect your Walkman phone to your home cinema system.


With a range of 30feet (10m) the Orange speakers offer a nice almost wire free option to sharing the tracks from your phone, it’s a shame about the wires joining the speakers together as for a moment we were starting to get really excited.

Almost there.