Denon famous for its hi-fi has ventured into the wonderful world of DAB digital radio, but has the company's audio experience transferred across harmoniously?

Denon DM-35 DAB digital micro system is finished in brushed aluminium, measures 95 x 210 x 330mm and each (two-way) speaker 215 x 155 x 250mm and comes with all the whistles and bells that you would expect.

40 station presets across DAB Band III, FM and MW; 40 Watts RMS of music power, while the built-in CD player features MP3 and WMA CD playback.

As you would expect, the Denon DM35 also has a remote control to control everything and because of this buttons on the front of the unit are kept to a minimum.

Features for the player include SDB (Super Dynamic Bass) that manages to give a nice rounded tone to the overall sound and a two line dot matrix display so you can see what is going on either with the radio or the CD player.

Those worried about connections needn't be. The DM-35's socket list is longer than most weekly shopping bills and includes 2x Analogue Outputs (Tape), 2x AC outlets (switched), 1x Subwoofer, Headphone Output, (3.5 mm sockets), as well as a DAB coxial connection.

In our tests the micro-system performed very well, especially playing CDs. The Coax aerial shipped in the box is dependent on you being able to receive a decent DAB signal, but the option to attach any aerial to the system will mean that this is easily rectified.


With its sleek silver design and its fantastic sound this means a top end micro system with the benefits of digital radio.

The catch is that at £380 it's going to cost you slightly more than most other systems on the market.

If the digital radio is a must have then this is certainly a good way of getting it.