(Pocket-lint) - They say nice things come in small packages, but can that be said of Creative's latest 2.0 speaker system, the GigaWorks HD50? We get listening to find out.

Small and compact, the speakers are minimalist in design and features. With no separate subwoofer the HD50 comprises of two small speakers, a cable to join the two and a power pack that's almost as big as one of the speakers itself.

The speakers come in a gloss white with a black grills that can be removed to reveal the speakers and a silver finish.

Opting for electronics colour du jour, there is a blue light that glows around the volume knob when it is turned on.

On the connectivity front, there is the option of connecting a Creative docking station (The X-30) in via a 9-pin din or for iPod, MP3 player, or computer users an Audio out.

Controls around the front are a volume knob and that's it. If you want control over the treble or simply to turn the bass up, you'll have to do it via the player/computer, not the speakers.

The GigaWorks HD50 two-piece speaker system has been designed for computer users rather than those looking to fill a room with sound at a party and features Creative High Definition Drivers, Titanium Super Tweeters, and Creative's BasXPort technology that promises "enhanced bass impact without a subwoofer".

In practice and while the bass is good, you do miss having that subwoofer and although the £100 offering does well, as we expected given the size, the bass does suffer due to the lack of a dedicate subwoofer especially when you crank the sound up.

That said, these aren't to be sniffed at. The sound is certainly good enough for office workers looking to enjoy their music collection. Creative seem to have acknowledged that by leaving out the subwoofer and also the remote, both good things in this instance.

In tests in the office with a number of different music tracks the HD50s performed well, creating an inclusive sound that didn't feel forced.


The HD50s aren't perfect, and those who enjoy a bit of base will be disappointed.

That said, if you are looking for good sound without a plethora of boxes you can't go too wrong, but the price might put you off slightly.

Writing by Stuart Miles.