(Pocket-lint) - With multimedia becoming ever more important, having the right pair of speakers connected to your PC of notebook are essential. The Creative GigaWorks T40s are a neat and good looking solution. The gun-metal grey design is neat and you can choose to use them either with the grill over the speakers or naked.

When it comes to design, the T40s take the standard desktop speaker approach, consisting of a pair of book-sized terminals with the right-hand one having the controls, including Bass, Treble and Volume.

The left-hand terminal is nothing but a dumb terminal that a signal is fed to using a single connector cable. Below the control knobs are a headphone mini jack socket and an auxiliary input jack. There is also an Auxiliary-In port that will accommodate a pair of RCA cables. Creative suggests you use this connection to hook your television up to your speakers.

On the rear you’ll find a power point connection and a mini-jack input for connecting the speakers to your computer.

When it came to testing them out, we found these an incredibly loud set of speakers. Impressively, they didn’t distort or break-up too much, even when being pushed to the limit. So, if you’re looking for something that will allow you to play games at volume these are more than fine. We also found that music at volume was more than satisfactory, even at the mid-tone levels that come as standard.


It’s likely you’ll only ever buy one pair of speakers and the Creative GigaWorks T40s offer great quality that is more than suitable for any occasion – highly recommended.

Writing by Mike Browne.