(Pocket-lint) - Who said that speakers have to be boring, black and square? Obviously not the chaps at Creative when it came to designing the I-Trigue L3450 2.1 speaker set.

Style in this game seems to be half the battle and if that's the case, the L3450's have their fair share. The system is broken down into 3 units (hence the 2.1) two tower front speakers and a sub woofer to pump out that bass.

Cloaked in white and silver, the front two towers are elegant and well styled. They feature dual titanium micro-drivers and a side-mounted Lateral Firing Transducer per satellite to ensure superior sonic accuracy. In what can only be an ode to Harmon, the micro drivers are on show and this adds to the overall style.

Both units connect to a base sub unit, which is the size of a waste paper basket. Everything is controlled via a wired handheld controller. Controls are simply two dials, one for volume and the other for bass.

What is nice, however, is the addition of a headphone jack, but also a socket to connect a CD and MP3 player or laptop without having to get around the back of the base unit. Furthermore the controller also houses something called an MPORT. The MPORT is a USB socket that allows you to connect compatible USB MP3 players, like Creative's own set, directly to the speakers without the need for a computer. We tested it with a Muvo NX and to be honest were amazed that it worked straight away without any hassle. Even better, the speakers, because they are connected to a power supply will run the unit as well saving on battery power.


Of course, features and style mean nothing without good sound when it comes to speaker sets and here the sound doesn't let the side down. Sound quality was very good on the varying songs we tested it with.

We tested them on everything from Amiee Mann to Ministry of Sound Club Break tunes. Even at full volume, there was no hiss on the tracks we played and for a 2.1 system the sound quality was very, very good. Whether you plan to add noise capabilities to your plasma screen or laptop these will do the job nicely. Top Marks.

Writing by Stuart Miles.