(Pocket-lint) - With game and movie sound becoming more and more important, Creative has taken the PC speaker system one step further with the introduction of the Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 Speaker system.

Consisting of a decoder/amplifier that also acts as a master control unit; a 30 Watt (RMS) dual-chamber reinforced subwoofer; a 21 (RMS) Watt centre channel and four 7 (RMS) Watt satellite speakers the system certainly packs a punch whether on the PC or connected to your TV.

What's more, fitting into the home cinema ethos even further, the speakers come with their own remote control giving you access to change volume wherever you are in the room.

The system that supports Dolby Digital and DTS sound provides the ultimate sound experience via the five speakers and the subwoofer. For those not in the know, this gives you three speakers at the front, two at the rear with the subwoofer dealing with the lower frequencies that most people normally associate with bass.

Creative has also taken into account the fact that these speakers are likely to be in your living room rather than just the spare room and with that in mind offers speaker stands (sold separately) and for the fashion conscious coloured grills for the satellites and subwoofer (sold separately).


If you are looking for either a home entertainment system for your PC or your television then this is the place to start, they are an affordable option for people on a budget without budgeting on sound.

Writing by Stuart Miles.