Refusing to be bound by the elements is one of the features that keeps the British spirit alive, and it seems that our American cousins have taken a leaf from this fine book as well. Masters of the Stereo sound system, Bose, proudly launch the new version of the 151 environmental speakers, with the sort of pride that only comes from extensive testing in all sorts of conditions.

The SE edition of the 151 replaces the earlier more ‘block' shaped model with something a little more aerodynamic. This latest version, available in either black or white, has been strenuously tested in every imaginable environment and Bose are so confident of the weather-proofing they provide a 5 year limited warranty against damage from the outdoors.

The units are 31cm in length, 15cm in depth and 12cm in height and weight in at a little over 2Kg. They can either rest on flat surfaces or be wall mounted with the supplied fittings to elevate the sound out of the shrubbery. The sound is supplied from an environmentally sealed 11.25cm full-range driver, that can be power by any device outputting 10 to 80watts per channel/rated at 4-8 ohms. Inputs on the reverse of the unit are a standard 2-point, left and right, screw posts.

Nice features include are the incredibly robust mounts that come supplied as well as the feature that allows you to rotate the Bose logo on the front of the grill, depending on the orientation of the speaker when mounted.


Overall, if you are after Glyndebourne in your garden, but know the weather is more prone to generate a Glastonbury mud-fest, these will make those evening outside more bearable. All you have to do is find somewhere to shelter from the downpour to appreciate the sound.