Altec Lansing's latest set of PC speakers ditches a separate subwoofer in favour of building it into the speakers themselves. Can it still deliver good sound? We get listening to find out.

The Altec Lansing Expressionist BASS FX3022WHT PC speakers will tower over your desk. The tall cone shaped speakers available in shimmering black or cool white are designed to sit either side of your monitor.

Because you've lost the subwoofer under the desk you've also lost a large portion of the cables and boxes normally associated with a system like this. It means you're left with the power cable, a cable between the two speakers and jacks for the aux and input in so you can connect it to your PC or MP3 player.

Controls, power and volume, are found atop of the right speaker and while basic, are very responsive. When we say basic we mean it. No bass or treble support means your PC or player will have to do all the work. You really only get volume and an on/off switch.

So you've connected your system up what about the performance?

Using the term "2.2" those two subwoofers in the bottom of the enclosure certainly make a difference it seems when it comes to pumping out the party tunes. So much so that turn it up too loud and bassy tunes will make your desk vibrate as if you're in one of those cheap beds in an American motel out in the mid west.

We tested the speakers with a range of different music including an album designed to "push your bass to the limits" - yes it really is a bass testing album.

For the audiophiles out there, the speakers have 1.5-inch drivers while the two subwoofers have 4-inch drivers with a total power of 25RMS.

The noise is, for a better word, loud, and while the speakers produce a good sound, it lacks the mellowness or maturity of the Creative Gigaworks G series we've reviewed here at Pocket-lint. We also found that the FX3022WHTs are very directional focused. Either side of a monitor facing you sitting at a desk is perfect, anything else the sound starts to wane.

Price when reviewed:

Certainly more stylish than the square looking Creative G-series speakers, the Altec Lansing Expressionist BASS FX3022WHT PC speakers (a mouthful we know) will bring that certain Doctor Who (we will exterminate) feeling to your office desk.

As for performance, overall we were very impressed, not enough to want to replace our Creative T3s (in fairness they are twice the price) but enough that we would be happy to recommend these to you to check out.

Black or white, both colours look cool. Luckily for Altec Lansing, the sound doesn't disappoint.