While built-in mobile phone speakers are getting better, there is no replacement for actually having a speaker to play your tunes through. But can the Altec Lansing Orbit iMT237 offer you that party moment on the go? We get listening to find out.

Supposedly built for "mobile lifestyles", the mini speaker is lightweight, shock resistant, robust, and small enough to be carried in a pocket or handbag.

In real terms it's about half the height of a regular coffee cup with the speaker sitting on the top of the device. Batteries are loaded in the bottom with three AAA included. There is also a cable tidy offering wrap-around cable storage onto the underbelly of the speaker for the included 3.5mm stereo jack to keep things tidy.

Batteries will give you around 24 hours of playback and while the cable is long enough to reach to your phone or MP3 player, it won't however stretch across the desk - it's only around 20cm.

With just an on/off button and battery indicator on the device itself, volume is controlled via the source device. This makes it easier to control the volume, as you won't have to worry about conflicting settings, it also keeps the iMT237 simple. In the box you also get a neoprene case and carabiner.

The speaker promises instant connectivity from any digital audio device, including iPhones, this it delivers. It's basically a pair of headphones in a different guise and we had it running with an iPod touch, BlackBerry Storm and a stack of other devices at the press of a button.

Sound is good, not brilliant, but enough to give you some music at a picnic, on the road or up a mountain skiing.


It's not the prettiest speaker out there, nor is it the loudest, but as a way of increasing the sound on your MP3 player, mobile phone or any other device it works simply and effectively.

It's just a shame the styling isn't that dynamic.