There are plenty of iPod speakers systems on the market, so what makes Voix think it has the best offering with its MPX model? We plug in and get listening to find out.

First launched in 2006, the new version now offers compatibility for the iPhone and new iPod's launched since its first inception. The Voix MPX comes in two parts: a speaker with subwoofer built-in and a second speaker without. The two towers stand around 4 foot high, come in a glossy black and are lined with five speakers apiece.

On the main speaker - the one with the sub - you get a flip-open top and it is here that the iPod speaker dock hides alongside a power switch and volume controls. There is no display with which to clutter the design and everything is done either via the included credit card sized remote control (that doesn't bear any resemblance to the design of the speakers) or via the iPod itself.

There are a number of different docking moulds, including the new iPod models so your iPod/iPhone will fit snugly in the top and all you're left to do is choose your track and press play.

The two speakers are connected via a standard speaker cable meaning you've got control over the distance apart, although a shortish power cable means you'll have to place the main speaker nearer to a power socket than you might have wanted.

When it comes to the speakers, the two black towers contain eight 18W aluminium cone neodymium magnet-driven speakers, as well as a one-inch tweeter unit.

The included subwoofer puts out a whopping 36W, which is in the base unit of the MPX active speaker.

Other things worth a mention are the ability to connect an additional sub as well as an AUX out via phono rather than a 3.5mm stereo jack.

In performance the Voix MPX sound incredibly impressive with those speakers working hard to produce a decent sound. The towers create a crisp clean sound that is well balanced in both treble and bass. We tested them with a range of songs including Prince, The Fray and Jack Johnson, all of which performed well. The White Stripes was especially enjoyable.


The Voix MPX is an impressive speaker system that will allow you to easily fill a room and, most likely, piss off the neighbours.

The catch is that they are big and will dominate a room, something you might not be looking for from an iPod speaker system, however the ability to move the second speaker with standard speaker cable means you can create a perfect sweet spot in your living room.