When it comes to adding external speakers to your PC, the sound quality generally tops the list but Edifier seem to think the aesthetic appeal of speakers is what drives most users.

This can be seen the design of the Edifier M3200 speaker set, as they don’t have the most conventional of looks. Two tall and slender satellites that won’t look out of place in your mother’s living room. The awkward design allows for a small driver at the top and a larger driver at the base of the unit.

They are accompanied by a rather squat, box-shaped subwoofer that has a bass port on one side. There is an on/off switch that also acts as the volume. It lacks any form of volume graduations, so you have to judge the volume for yourself.

They may look a little odd but with 9 Watts of power at their disposal, and 16 Watts for the subwoofer, we found this a powerful set of speakers to use and certainly sound more power than they look.

When it comes to overall quality, things weren’t ideal as we found the sound rather flat and uninspiring. With little or no distortion when turned up load, we found them acceptable for gaming but less so when watching a DVD movie.


The Edifier M3200 speakers aren’t everyone’s idea of external speakers, having a design that clashes with most PC set-ups. Strangely, they look as though they’ve been designed to be part of a multimedia setup but they quality they delivered just isn’t suitable for movies and music.