Multimedia is changing, with an ever-increasing emphasis on sound as well as pictures from our computers. In response, PC speakers are changing and no more so than the Scandyna Micropod SE.

The design is stylish, with a modern take on a retro theme. The main body is round with a tweeter sitting above the main speaker. The unit stands on three metal pins that lodge into the bottom of the unit itself.

The speakers themselves consist of twin 10 Watt cabs, one being an active unit, while the second is a standard dumb terminal, accepting the feed but no able to pass it on. Connections are kept to the bare minimum, so you'll find a single stereo in, which links directly from the audio jack on your notebook or PC, plus an output for an optional external sub-woofer.

When it comes to sound quality, you'll find these speakers are suddenly worth the asking price, as they sound amazing. Even when we tested them with our notebook, so sound came through a standard mini-jack socket, there was plenty of control, with a good degree of mid-level.

It’s worth noting that a range of docks, for iPod as well as other MP3 players is also available so you’re not limited to just using these speakers with your PC.

Lesser speakers tend to suffer from too much or too little bass, but this was not the case with the Micropod SE as they delivered on all fronts, giving a generous and warm sound.


When it comes to stylish speakers, the Scandyna Micropod SE active speakers have to be amongst the best on the market but you'll pay for the privilege.