Acoustic Energy is a British company better known for its Hi-Fi speakers than its PC peripherals, so you won't find the standard array of connections. For instance, there are three sets of spring clips for left, centre and right outputs, although it only ships with two satellite terminals.

The subwoofer is the centre of the setup with an integrated mains power cable and a series of connection points across the back there are plenty of connection options. You'll also find three RCA inputs on the back and a flick switch for bass control, which can be set to low, medium or high. An illuminated on/off switch on the front sits in a recess and adds to the sleek design.

The design of the subwoofer is attractive but Acoustic Energy has saved the real style for the satellites, which are small but deliver on quality. With a great sound quality these put average speakers to shame. Even at serious high volume we didn't find any distortion.

You can see the Hi-Fi heritage in the company with the five metres of cable for each satellite pod, so you can position them anywhere around the room and not just either side of your monitor.


If you're looking to add new speakers to your PC but don't want to settle for the average, these certainly have a lot to recommend.

They aren't the cheapest option but in terms of sound quality we certainly found them more than impressive.