The iDS-05 is the latest docking station and 2.1 speaker system to launch from Intempo, but does it match up to previous efforts? We get listening to find out.

Where in the past Intempo has gone for tall monolithic designs or ones that look like footballs, the iDS-05 is fairly conventional in its approach.

Described by the company as the iDS-01's big brother, the iDS-05 offers 2x 15 watt stereo speakers and a 9 watt subwoofer in a desk friendly 230 x 122 x 940mm in size.

The glossy design lets you sit your iPod in the front in between the two speakers, while connections such as USB, a 3.5mm line in and power sockets are around the back. There are no buttons, just a light that changes from red to blue when on.

Control is left to the rather large and unappealing remote. While it's unappealing, it does sport a dedicated menu button that allows you to directly access your iPod listings and select your music.

It's a great addition and one that you don't normally find giving you greater control from your sofa.

We tested the remote with three different iPods; the 5th gen video, the iPod Classic and the iPhone. The remote works on the two iPods but not the iPhone.

Back to the speaker dock itself and you get interchangeable dock adapters for your different sized models, plus the USB port means it will dock, charge and sync your 'pod with your PC or Mac.

When it comes to sound the speakers do a fairly good job for the price. It's doesn't match up to the likes of JBL or Bose, however for the price and size, Intempo has done well to produce something that makes more than just a tinny noise in the back ground.


The iDS-05 is by no means the best iPod speaker we've had in the office, but then for the price and size we wouldn't expect it to be.

Think small spaces, like the kitchen or your bedroom and these will work perfectly for your needs. Anything bigger and they might struggle.

As for the remote, while the features are good, we feel that Intempo should have paid more attention to a more in keeping design.