iPod speaker docks are great, but they are normally so fat. Taking things to the extreme GEAR4 has launched a Size 0 model claiming to be one of the thinnest on the block. But has performance been scarified for a thin figure? We get listening to find out.

The super-slim StreetParty Size 0 weighs 300g and measuring an only 16mm in depth making this pretty thin. Dimensions wise and its around the size of a piece of A5 paper.

Basically it's thin, compact and light.

Powered by four AA batteries or via the AC adapter you can listen to your tunes and charge up your iPod at the same time.

Folding out of the unit is the stand for your iPod and this can be varied in depth away from the speaker to suit your iPod's size. Buttons are void on the speaker, apart from two small volume buttons and everything is controlled via a infra-red remote control, meaning if you lose it you lose the ability to be super lazy.

Speakers come in the guise of 2 tweeters and 2 low resonance drivers although don't expect these to blow you away. The volume never really gets that loud at the full setting and even then the speakers are pretty lacklustre in performance.

Failing you having an iPod there is also a line-in for other music players around the back and a USB port for synching with your computer.


While on the surface the StreetParty Size 0 looks impressive with its thin design and matt black finish, its clear once you turn it on that beauty really is only skin deep on this one.