If you fancy some Bang and Olusfen design, but can't stretch the budget, or want an iPod docking station but still like your CD's then iLuv believes it has the answer with the iLuv i9200WHT.

Called a "vertical audio system" by its makers, the shiny white design features four CD bays with transparent sliding doors to either side of the main console as well as an iPod dock and FM/AM radio.

The unit and speakers can either be wall-mounted or attached to the detachable stands for shelf positioning and the speakers can be positioned separatelty with plenty of cord to get your around your room. Those looking to boost the system further can connect a subwoofer via a separate output.

The iPod dock is situated on top of the system, hidden out of the way when not in use, and of course as you would expect, charges the iPod when docked. All controls can be accessed via the supplied remote control, which is surprisingly large - the largest we've ever seen for an iPod speaker system.

In use and the buttons all say cheap and tacky. The shiny white design looks more like a fridge than a state of the art Hi-Fi speaker system and you can hear the motor groaning as the sliding doors slowly move to reveal the compact discs.


With the Apple moving the iPod to an all new metal look, this docking station will look out of place and more akin to Changing Rooms rather than state-of-the-art living.

The sound is good, but not great with no real resonance to it, and overall this is one of those things that looks impressive for the £160 but will only serve as a disappointment to anyone with an interest in listening to their iPod at home.