Griffin's latest iPod speaker dock to hit the shelves in the UK is the Griffin Amplifi, a 2.1 speaker system designed to be used indoors. So it is any good? We get listening to find out.

Designed for use in your home, the large speaker looks like the now discontiuned Apple Hi-Fi or the Parrot Boombox with the iPod sitting on top for all to see.

With a footprint of 350 x 195 x 110mm, the front is adorned with nothing but a volume knob and speaker grill and this doubles up as the on off button that glows blue when on.

The rest of the buttons are to be found on the accompanying remote control and it's a nice approach for the minimalist design, but one that means that if you lose the remote you lose most of the functionality.

That remote offers the usual array of features such as volume and skip track functions all for the lazy.

The docking port on top is specifically designed for the iPod and is adaptable for any model from iPod mini to 5th generation iPod models (we weren't able to test it with the newer models launched on the 5 September, but we can't see them not working).

At the back there is an audio input for almost any other source through its 3.5mm input jack.

The Amplifi has two 2.75-inch high/mid-range speakers, plus a 5-inch woofer with bass reflex port.

Turn it on and the sound is very good with crisp treble and a decent base certainly considering the price.


Costing £100 online Griffin's Amplifi is a solid, well build iPod speaker system that is both simple to use and better still produces a good sound.

The unit will look great in any modern abode although it will take up some space on shelf or table - it's certainly not as thin as the Bose Sounddock.

A good performer.