With iPod speaker systems two a penny, what makes Logic 3 think it has the answer with the Logic 3 i-Station Traveller speakers? We take a listen.

Available in not one but six different colours; pink, red, blue, green, silver, and black the £20 speakers are designed to look good and be affordable for sound on the go.

Small and light - they weigh 156 grams, the speakers pull apart to and twizzle around to create a stand for your iPod be it a nano, shuffle or regular-sized model.

Connection is made via a 3.5mm jack and that means that although the speaker set is geared towards the iPod you can plug anything else, including a PSP or DS lite into it instead.

The speakers feature two 32mm neodymium drivers and has a total output of 4 watts and this produces a good sound for what they are if not a little tinny in there performance.

Four AAA batteries power the speakers and we managed to get a good amount of listening out of them before the batteries gave up.

Price when reviewed:

Small, compact and ideal for your summer holidays the speakers come under the category of cheap and cheerful.

Cheap and cheerful they might be, but the Logic 3 i-Station Travellers get the job done without breaking the bank.