A long time ago, not however in a galaxy far away, we reviewed a CD case come portable speaker from TDK called the Talk Loud. A few years on and portable CD players aren't that popular any more, I mean who listens to CDs on the move?

So what's a music lover to do? Well, taking the same principle to heart, the iMainGO speaker unit is a case for your MP3 player with a built in speaker, however, this time sounding considerably better in quality.

All you have to do is plug in your iPod with the headphone cable provided, slam in four AAA batteries and you've got sound on the move. The case, which is made with a combination of fabric, hard and soft plastic also aims to protect your treasured MP3 player at the same time and allows you to control it once strapped in (it also comes with a number of padded trays for different sized iPods including the first generation shuffle).

In practice, and while this isn't the smallest or most compact way of getting sound on the go, the sound it makes from its small speaker is quiet good considering what it is with a nice bassy sound.

Of course being that you connect your MP3 player via the headphone jack rather than a docking connector means you can use this on any MP3 player available rather than just the iPod, and as long as it fits (and it most likely will) into the compartment you're off. Although iPod users will get the benefit of the alarm option, which springs the speakers into life when you the alarm goes off on the iPod.

Price when reviewed:

We loved the TDK Talk Loud and even carried it around for our MP3 player once we stopped using our portable CD player. So for us this is an update to the technology in a different shape.

Does it work? Most definitely, and it will be great for picnics or other social events where you won't have access to a more powerful speaker option.

However with such a chunky design it will take up a lot of space in your suitcase.