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(Pocket-lint) - iPod speakers are two a penny these days complete with disco lights, alarm clocks and anything else you can think of - we are waiting for the teas maid version to appear in the shops shortly.

So CyrusLink's approach with its LinkDock is to keep it simple. So simple in fact that for £60 you get a smallish speaker unit that features four speakers, a dock for the iPod and a volume up and down control buttons. Turn on, plug in and away you go.

The rest of the control are on the accompanying remote control, which gives you access to all the usual features such as volume, play commands and whether you want to switch sources between the iPod in the dock and an auxiliary source. You can even adjust bass and treble.

For the size of the device, the sound is decent with a good balance between treble and bass and for the size, the four speakers are ample to fill most bedrooms with noise. At higher levels we did get some distortion however.

It's not a Bose SoundDock, or Intempo replacement, but then at just £60 you wouldn't expect it to be.

The downside to all this? While the unit itself is fairly small, the power pack that accompanies it is very large and very heavy, taking away any desire to travel with the LinkDock. It doesn't help that the unit doesn't take batteries either.

To recap

Simple and effective, just don't expect it to blow you away

Writing by Stuart Miles.