We've seen some crazy gadgets in our time but nothing could have prepared us for the iCar - an MP3 player accessory with a difference.

For the gadget fan who has seen it all - bored of the latest sleekest black and white speaker design? Corgi’s come to your rescue with the iCar.

In Corgi’s words, the iCar is “a pimped out ‘motor’ and stereo speakers with more ICE (In Car Entertainment, apparently) than the South Pole”.

In reality is the weirdest looking speaker set we've ever seen. Although apparently available with different cars on its platform our test unit featured a bright orange Subaru Impreza looking device, complete with “sleek skirts”, and a suitably chav-sized spoiler.

For keen audiophiles (lol) there are three music options - its pre-recorded tune in either long or short play, or the chance to connect it to an audio device of your own.

By plugging in your audio device, you give life to the iCar, which has a hydraulic suspension to let it bounce to the beat, spinning its wheels and flashing its lights.


The end result is very scary. Why you would want something like this? We even showed the office's resident 6-year-old and even he didn't get it.

The speaker's performance is awful, the bouncing car so noisy that you can't hear the music and did we forget to mention, it's bright orange.

At least it comes with a charger so you don't have to buy hundreds of batteries (although that is an option) to power it.

One to avoid unless tacky really is your middle name.