While the Bose, or iCubs offer fantastic sounds for your MP3 player taking them on holiday with you might take up more of the suitcase that your clothes. For the traveller there is the Tripod MP3 speaker system.

The propeller shaped speakers fold away neatly into a handsized tube (roughly 14cm in length) making in convenient for traveling around the globe.
Power is provided by a single AAA battery which provides around 10 hours of listening and this serves to keep the weight of the unit down as well.

The speakers are found in the legs of the tripod and while this doesn't help if you are positioning the player against a wall it does mean that everyone can hear the music if you put it in the middle of a picnic.

Out of the top is a phone connector that slots into the headphone jack on your MP3 player. Because the player will sit atop the unit, some MP3 players like the iPod will be upside down.

Sound quality isn't great and for the most part quiet however if you looking for background music then it will suffice.


Like the PodGear Pocket Party for the iPod (reviewed here) the speakers just aren't up to scratch if you're hoping to get down and party. However if you want a lightweight speaker that will offer you background noise this is acceptable.

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