The urge for kids to hang around outside the local bus stop is as ever present now as it was 20 years ago, instead now they just have more technology to play with while sitting out in the cold.

While not aimed exclusively at the teenage market, the SoundKase is bound to find its way into this demographic. In fact even while we've had this unit on loan we've seen kids in the high street getting funky with it.

Built around a standard rucksack the difference with the SoundKase is a built in amplifier and two speakers in dedicated pouches.

The concept is an interesting one and why you can't simply carry around a set of speakers in your bag that aren't stitched in is beyond us. I suppose the answer is that this allows you to pick up the music and move with it, but six AA batteries later and a very tinny sound, it doesn't win much in the sound stakes.

Worse still, while the solution promises to remove the hassle of having the cables dangling in your bag, on closer inspection they are still dangling in your bag, rather merely strapped up, meaning they were exposed enough to still get snagged.

Grumbles aside, the rucksack (well more of a daysack) is well built and the stitching seems strong. There are plenty of compartments, including a detachable one for a CD player. A standard 3.5mm stereo cable is included so you can connect all manner of devices to the speakers.


It's a nice idea, but such a large battery consumption and a tinny sound it's really only likely to appeal to punk-ass kids standing in shopping centres hoping to annoy everyone, then again it's unlikely to be bassy enough for them and at £60, way too expensive not to get nicked in about three minutes flat.

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