Portable CD Players are very private devices locking you away in your own little world with your favourite musician. TDK hope to change all this with its latest invention the TDK Out Loud.

The device, like the idea is simple - to include a speaker within a CD wallet. Powered by two AA batteries one side of the neoprene case is a speaker, the other a housing for your CD player. In the middle you’ll find space for 12 CD’s.

The speaker itself isn’t the greatest in the world but aimed at what it is trying to do ample for the job in hand.

Price when reviewed:

The Out-Loud is a great idea that has been well executed and with the choice between mono and stereo options it seems to have got all its bases covered. The overall quality of the product is very good - even the zip is study, chunky and solid looking - and you get the feeling that you are buying a product that will improve your life rather another five minute fad. For those wanting to share their music, whether it's in the office or at a picnic, this is a great and simple way of doing it.