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(Pocket-lint) - When we last met AC Worldwide, we saw a couple of superb, Star Wars-licensed Bluetooth speakers in the shape of a Stormtrooper helmet and C-3PO's head respectively. We were also told at the time that they would soon be joined by Darth Vader and Master Chief editions.

Now we've seen, and heard, those in flesh too and can't think of a better pressy for a sci-fi or gaming geek this Christmas (or slightly beyond in the case of Master Chief).

The latter of the two, based on the hero of many an Xbox game, was shown for the very first time in prototype form at an event in London, and while it'll have a few more bells and whistles, it's looking like an excellent addition to any gaming den.

It is almost life sized and has a matt finish rather than shiny, like the other models. Its front faceplate will light up on the finished version but the prototype didn't have that feature. It did pair during the event though, with the official voice of Master Chief, Steve Downes, recording a special start-up message you will hear each time.

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The Darth Vader model also makes a sound when pairing and starting-up - the Sith Lord's trademark breathing. Its eyes also glow red to make it look even more sinister.

Pocket-linthalo master chief and darth vader bluetooth speakers in the flesh both on pre order now image 13

We also heard music played through the Vader speaker and it is hearty and bombastic, making good use of the internal 2.1 audio system. Like the C-3PO and Stormtrooper equivalents, both of the new editions are capable of 3W from each driver, with a ported 10W down-firing subwoofer handling bass duties.

Each can be powered and even used as a USB charger thanks to a port on the rear. They can also be placed anywhere thanks to rechargeable batteries built into the speakers that offer between four and five hours of music playback.

The Darth Vader speaker will be £149.99 and available from December. The Master Chief version will be £169.99 and available from January. You can pre-order the Halo version now from ACWorldwide.cool for 20 per cent off.

Writing by Rik Henderson.