(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking an iPhone dock or Bluetooth speaker that's a little different, then Jarre Technologies might have the answer. That perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise, given that it comes from the mind of Jean Michel Jarre, no stranger to the obscure.

When we caught sight of these speakers at a Computers Unlimited showcase in London, we couldn't help but snap a few pictures for your pleasure. 

The Jarre AeroBull is our favourite piece. We can't think of a situation where you wouldn't want a speaker that's shaped like a dog. It's squat, muscular, definition - not forgetting its sunglasses - make it the perfect talking point in any room.

That's if you can hear yourselves talking over the 120W output, generated by two 30W full-range drivers and a 60W subwoofwoofer. But that's not all - the remote for the AeroBull is shaped like a bone.


If you think you can give this dog a home, then you'll need to find €1299 (£1000), which is about the same price as an actual bulldog.

If you'd like something a little more macabre, then the AeroSkull might be just the ticket. This model has been around for a couple of years, but we love the colourful array of skull docks on offer.

You get NFC pairing for your Bluetooth devices, and a dock for your iDevice. The AeroSkull comes in sizes from XXL - offering 2500W, enough to blow your head off - through to the AeroSkull Nano, offering 6W.


Those sunglasses are firmly in place once again, bringing a dab of cool, but we're really taken with the volume control teeth. The AeroSkull XS (45W) retails for €229 (£178), and the AeroSkull HD (120W) is €399 (£311). 

If that's all a bit much, then the AeroTwist pairs interesting design with functionality. It looks like a doughnut, an alien doughnut, but can then be twisted into different shapes.


You can, for example, connect it around the strap on your bag, or just have a random shape to it. We like that it looks more like a piece of sculpture than a Bluetooth speaker.

AeroTwist offers 30W output, NFC for easy pairing and will cost you €299 (£233). You can check out all the weird and wonderful in our gallery below.

Writing by Chris Hall.