(Pocket-lint) - We've seen a lot of Bluetooth speakers come through the doors here at Pocket-lint, but few are quite to dinky as cute as this one we encountered for the first time at the Amazon Christmas in July event.

The aptly named Gear4 Espresso is a tiny speaker styled in the shape of an espresso cup (or tea cup, if you prefer). It's actually been available on Amazon for a few months already, but the retailer expects its sales to increase as we near the holiday season and who are we to argue? We've not seen it before ourselves, and thought it worthwhile to write about.

Like all Bluetooth speakers, you need to pair the Espresso to a compatible device, but once done you should be able to play music through it like you would any other and without having to pair it again at a later date.


It has a Bluetooth range of around 10 metres, so can be operated from a distance away and battery life is claimed to be four hours, but that does depend on volume.

Its portability is also enhanced by the fact that the handle of the cup design is actually a carabiner clip, so you can hook it on a belt or backpack and listen to choons as you travel (to your delight, but perhaps not the rest of the train's).

In terms of sound quality, remember that this is as small a Bluetooth speaker as they come really, so don't expect Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin-like performance. However, from such a small device the bass response is healthy and it is capable of decent volume without distortion.

The Gear4 Espresso is available for £25 from Amazon.co.uk in a variety of colours: blue, black, yellow, green, pink and orange.

Suggestions of tracks to play on it:

  • Shot in the Dark by Ozzy Osbourne.
  • One More Cup of Coffee by The White Stripes.
  • I Don't Like Coffee by Tommy Reilly.
  • Anything by Hot Chocolate.
  • Anything by Ice T.
  • Er, that's it...
Writing by Rik Henderson.