We've always like the Jawbone Jambox range. The first one knocked us flat with its sound quality, the Big Jambox is a beast of a thing that sounds amazing, and the newest Mini Jambox is an evolution. Smaller, lighter, made from more solid materials and finished in a lovely selection of colours, it's an awesome little device.

We've spent a bit of time with one now, and as it's just gone on sale, we thought it was a good time to show you some photos, and our all-new video review. Our impressions are still forming, and a full review will follow, but right now we're really impressed by the Jambox.

A new idea from Jawbone is its app. While it's had one for a while, an update coming soon will add some new features. For a start, you get the ability to aggregate your music services. So if you have Spotify, Rdio and locally stored music, you can use them all together. Setting up playlists for each, and letting the app play you the music. It's a fantastic idea, and one that has been needed for a long time.


You also get the trademark sound quality from the Mini. It's got mid and high-frequency sound that you won't beleive. Play some vocal music, pop or such and the vocals are incredible. Crisp, clear and almost unbelievable. Bass isn't so impressive, it has to be said, but this is a tiny device, so that's to be expected to some extent.

One thing we did notice about the Mini Jambox is that, despite its quite modest bass output, if you put it down on a table or desk made of the right kind of material, and facing upwards, it sends low frequencies into the table and creates some amazing bass. In fact, it's almost unbelievable how good it sounds when you do this: we heartily recommend it.


As a speakerphone it's nice too, calls are clear and loud and the other person can hear you well. It's a really nice solution for boosting your phone's speakerphone.

At £140, it's certainly not cheap. But what you get is amazing build quality, stunning sound - especially vocals - and a really nice speakerphone. It's also portable, and will likely survive a fall from an aeroplane it's so sturdy.